The real diagnosis have a validity date

  • The energy performance diagnosis is valid for ten years.
  • The measurement law CARREZ for an indefinite period, except in the case of modification of the structure

Interior: moving or deleting a partition, work of a shear wall of coverage
and closure of a terrace...

  • Asbestos diagnosis to unlimited validity in the case of absence of asbestos (new version, ATTENTION) we call for more information

If presence of friable asbestos materials (flocking, lagging, and false ceiling) a State control
conservation should be done all three years.

  • The finding of risk of exposure to lead: unlimited validity if absence of lead in paints.

If only one measurement is above the threshold in force either 1 mg/cm² in case of sale the diagnosis is valid
one year, under a lease its duration is six years.

  • Gas and electricity diagnoses are valid for three years.
  • Termites and E.R.N.M.T (natural, mineral and technological hazards) diagnoses are valid 6 months.
  • The zero rate loan diagnosis is carried out at each request again ready.