Real estate agencies, ladies and gentlemen the notaries, negotiators...

Bello, we have perhaps not yet had again the opportunity to work together, pity!

Our expertise are carried out without any pressure or commission and perfect compliance.

We honour our obligations and to preserve the reputation of our profession, we will refuse all illicit practices that we have unfortunately been proposed by some real estate professionals in the genre (application for commissioning, not to mention the termite or asbestos, ECD should be seen for...)

Too bad that the publication of name would mess!

The order prohibiting the commissioning in our profession is published (13 October 2010), remains to be seen how it will be applied.
But at least one thing is certain, it is that now, this Decree is really.

see the Decree

Fortunately, the vast majority of real estate professionals are serious and responsible and we have the pleasure and the honour of working in perfect harmony with some.

If you share the same opinion and seriously that we, and you want to work with confidence and professionalism, to ensure your customers of worthy of this name for a secure transaction and quality expertise, contact us!

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