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Before choosing your new home

Requested to your future landlord to provide you with:

-The diagnosis of performance energy (ECD):

To compare with similar housing, annual consumption estimated energy contained on this diagnosis.

This diagnosis will also explain the gas emissions to greenhouse of the housing in question.

-The diagnosis lead (finding of the risks of lead exposure)

Only for dwellings built before 1949

This observation will provide information on the possible presence of lead in paints and will tell you the location and State of conservation of these paintings.

If the painting is covered and/or in good condition for use, there is no risk of contamination, be still careful with children, not the left not scratching in places or you know that beneath the coating, it y to a presence of lead paint.

Use extra caution to young children in the presence of lead in a degraded state paint.
These young children will mouth the scales of lead paint, and they will return there because of its slightly tangy and pleasant taste for their small papillae.

Lead poisoning is a serious disease that can leave permanent sequelae.

Also, ladies, stay very vigilant if you are pregnant.

-The State of the natural risks and technological (E.R.N.T)

This document is compulsory in certain municipalities (by prefectorial orders)
Your landlord must give you this state you indicating the risks or potential risks of flooding, landslide...


Since March 27, 2009, on the new rental leases should mention the living area of the well location.

Often this surface appears in the energy performance diagnosis on the page or is the energy and GHG labels (upper-left)

-The State of play

Before your move, write with the owner or his representative the State of play of the property.
Carefully check this observation and add above-need your own remarks.
Do not forget to carry out surveys of the meters (electricity, gas, water...)

Complete, this document is a security for you but for the owner.

Always start a lease in perfect harmony and harmony in order to avoid many unpleasant surprises during the release.

All documents listed on the left must you be submitted by your owner at the time of the signing of the lease.

Of course, ask to consult before the signature, in order to compare with other accommodation especially for ECD.

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