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Real estate technical diagnosis: why?

The objective (for sale) is to relieve you of your responsibility for latent defects by informing the purchaser of anomalies, existing damage see potential hazards (lead in paints, asbestos, failure on the electrical installation, gas, natural and technological hazards: floods, earthquakes...)
For rentals diagnostics are carried out as informative and preventive (lead, DPE, natural and technological hazards, measurement law BOUTIN)
The D.P.E will indicate the energy consumption and discharges of gases greenhouse of the property, advice on improvements you will be formulated.

Be careful, (as for many things) too attractive rates and express expertise, diagnosis is serious, not a mere formality, please consult your notary or a real estate professional, your owner may be liable. The discount and balances it is not real estate expertise!

Be careful, infant lead poisoning still exists, the cancers caused by asbestos are very real, the shock, electrocution, poisoning, accidents are not imaginary!

Think of expertise you want to see in your next real estate transaction or you'll find your family!

Since January 1, 2011, the energy classification of premises shall - be displayed in advertisements of rental and sale (paper, internet, posters...) (see the ECD display tab)
the diagnosis of energy (ECD) performance, it is made by a certified professional, prior to the proposed transaction

Owners sellers or lessors, (a Council) have carried out other mandatory diagnostics such as asbestos, electricity, termite, gas... While the DPE to be the book of the State of health of the property and define any informed the true value market.
the potential buyer will have in hands this book of health of his first favorite...

It will be immediately informed of the most and least resulting Diagnostics which will avoid a new negotiation of the selling price.

Of course, we are available to perform only the DPE, obtaining the energy label.

Choose a diagnosis experienced, recognized, renowned, certified and insured operator.

A LOCAL near you operator, that can intervene on the ground quickly in case of doubt or question of your buyer. (often seen)

Solely responsible for the choice of the operator is the owner! Risk

Our reports are of impeccable quality (according to our customers, and see our assessments on the yellow pages internet) with illustrations, sketches, photos, recommendations, simplified technical expressions, and locations, clear explanations etc...

Sometimes the reports of expertise paraîtrons it pretty irascible and difficult but it is our duty to you totally exempt of hidden defects.

100% of buyers carefully examine diagnoses, hence the interest they are the most explicit and the most reliable possible!

These days with the economy, you are not aware that people are more and more procedural.

For rates, do not search on the site because:
Sorry, performance 24 sell no expertise on the internet and your property is different from that of the neighbour, our rates are adapted to your case.

For information, do not hesitate!
Please make your request by phone (7 / 7 days) or email response provided during the day.

Choose performance 24, it is the certainty of a transaction successful safely, serenity, without pressure!

Thank you for your attention, good visit and see you soon.

The diagnosis must be operator:

As required by article R.271 - 6 of the code of construction and housing

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